Meet the Instructor

Rich Elliott

Shortly after graduating high school I began my service with the U.S. Marine Corps. I was an (0351), and after graduating from (DM) school in Dam Neck, Virginia, I served as a designated marksman with 1st FAST 5th Platoon, based out of Norfolk, Virginia.

After two years with FAST I moved on to Weapons Training Battalion, Quantico. I worked as a rifle and pistol marksmanship coach, teaching fundamentals of marksmanship to new Lieutenants just out of Officer Candidate School, as well as seasoned Marines. There I learned the techniques necessary to take a shooter, no matter their background and quickly and constructively give them a foundation in the fundamentals of marksmanship. I also competed in the MCCDC (Marine Corps Combat Development Command) Intramural Rifle and Pistol competition 2003, Placing 1st in team rifle and 2nd in Pistol.

Following my end of contract with the Marines I briefly worked for the Virginia Dept. of Corrections. The Mobilization Command asked if I would volunteer to rejoin the Marine Corps for a period of one year to help replace the growing number non-commissioned officer casualties in Iraq. In June of 2004 I did just that and later in the year deployed with 1st Battalion 7th Marines to Al Qaim, Iraq. I served 7 months there, returned home and was honorably discharged once again.

In 2006 I was vetted and went to work for Blackwater Security Consulting, on the WPPS (Worldwide Personal Protective Services) contract in Baghdad with a later change in companies to Triple Canopy. There I worked as a shooter for the Tactical Support Team. As time progressed I began to teach classes to new contractors as they arrived to the team. From CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and team movements to basic marksmanship review before qualifications, I refined my skills as a trainer every time I was given the chance.

In 2011 I decided to return home, attend Millersville University and teach marksmanship courses here in the Lancaster Area. I have been an NRA rifle instructor since 2008.


  • Former Marine 5 years, 4th Award Expert Rifle and Pistol
  • 2 years Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team, 1F5, (Designated Marksman for CQB team)
  • 2 years Training Battalion, Quantico (Coaching rifle and pistol marksmanship)
  • 1 year 1st Battalion 7th Marines (CAAT Team)
  • Former Blackwater PSS, Baghdad 2006-2009
  • Former Triple Canopy PSS, Baghdad 2009-2010
  • Current NRA Rifle Marksmanship Instructor (Full disclosure: Classes I teach are not NRA curriculum unless that certification is specifically requested)