Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What range do you use for our training session?

A: Southern Lancaster County Farmers Sportsman's Association near Quarryville, Pa.,

Q: What is the rate for a course at your range?

A: Basic courses are $240 this includes eye protection and electronic hearing protection during the course. 3 hours

A: Advanced courses are $70 per hour and include eye protection and electronic hearing protection during the course. All classes other than basic are built to meet your specific needs and time is based on the course of fire requested. Most last 2-3 hours.

Q: I have never fired a gun and I want to learn. Is there a class for me?

A: Yes. Training new shooters and getting to see the look of accomplishment on their face after a class, is why I love this job.

I have taught women and men of all ages and backgrounds. Before the class I will send you a list of what to bring and what type of clothing is appropriate. I will also send you a list of firearms safety rules and literature that will give you some insight on the training and help you prepare. Before the firing begins I cover the information below, followed by a short quiz on this information to ensure you have a good understanding of the task at hand.

I. Intro to range and safety rules.
II. Firearm nomenclature/parts
III. Firearm handling and presentation

Q: Do you teach NRA certified courses?

A: Yes, I am a NRA Certified Rifle Instructor.

Q: With all of the other courses around, why should I choose yours?

A: I provide individual personalized training. The class is for you and this means you are not pushed ahead or held behind based on a group. There are some great group classes in the area, but when trying to learn or refine a skill, it is much more practical in a one on one setting. I am a professional trainer with 12 years of real world experience behind my name and I can provide a list of references at your request. I will provide you with the results you are looking for.

Q: When do you run classes?

A: Weekday mornings and afternoons.

Q: Will I get a certificate of completion?

A: Yes

Q: What if I want a class you don't have listed?

A: Contact me and let me know the specific request. The facility I use enables me to teach a variety of courses, but not all. If I do not have a course that fits your needs, I will refer you to the most competent professional trainer in the area with that skill set.

Q: Will you come to my range?

A: Yes I will travel to your range. Rates are based on distance.

Q: Do you have any discounts?

A: Military, law enforcement, and veterans receive a 10% discount on all training. Check back to the site regularly for other discounts.