About MarksmanshipTrainer.com

Our Goal & Mission

My goal is for every shooter to leave the range confident in their ability to safely manipulate and fire their weapon using combat proven practical and tactical techniques.

Our Approach

Once you contact me, we will discuss your expectations and needs, as well as your prior or current training. I will take this information and format a class and course of fire that will fulfill your specific needs.

If you are a first time or inexperienced shooter, we will cover essential firearms safety and handling. I instruct using time tested techniques taught by the U.S. Marine Corps, and other federal agencies. Using this approach gives you a great foundation to build upon. From sight alignment/picture to grip and stance, I will teach you to evaluate your own shot pattern, so that in the future you can analyze and fix deficiencies on your own.

Experienced shooters will find that having someone analyze and instruct in a purely constructive and respectful manner will make the session enjoyable.

Courses of fire and training drills can be done from concealed and open carry holsters for handgun, out to 50 yards. Rifle training is done from 7 yards to 200 yards and can cover from prone to standing depending on your needs. While most training can be done at my range, I can also come to your range.